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Atlanta –  Hazle Township PA – Los Angeles

Wire metal slatwall or slatgrid shelving in 1/8" and 1/4" for retail store display in black, chrome, white being used with gridwall or slatgrid panels. Toll Free 1-866-400-1644.


Slatwall Wire Shelving


Since our introduction in the retail display industry, we are affianced in selling wide array of wire metal slatwall with super quality. Our wire metal slatwall are available in different shapes and sizes and that surely enhances your retail display shopping experience.  The wire metal slatwall sold at RDO Display look very attractive and easily fit into different types of retail stores without occupying much space. Furthermore, the comfort of displaying your products through slatwall wire shelving can never be matched with any other type of display. Along with this, you can easily order wire metal slatwall from us in bulk quantity and get lighting fast delivery for large orders as well.


Features of slatwallwire shelves sold by RDO Display

Stylish- If you will choose wire metal slatwall from RDO Display then you will never have to compromise the looks because of the robustness of the slatwall. All our wire metal slatwall offer unique look to your products and improve their display.


Strong structure- All the slatwall wire shelves sold at RDO Displays are engineered to hold heavy products. We understand that different Slatwall Wire Shelving retail stores use products in different ways and therefore, it becomes important to offer slatwall wire shelving that comes with robust structure for holding heavy products or huge number of products without showing any bends or damage.


Corrosion resistance- One of the biggest problems which most of the retail owners face with wire metal slatwall is corrosion. Whether it is due to just aging of the slatwall wire shelving or contact with water, normal wire metal slatwallshelves are prone to corrosion. But that is not the case withslatwallwire shelving sold by ROD Display. You should know that all the wire metal slatwallwe have are engineered to stay away from corrosion, regardless of the environment in which it is used.


Good hook grips- If you will buy slatwall wire shelves from an ordinary seller then there are maximum chances that their hook grips will break or fall of the shelve or wall quite easily. At RDO Display, we make sure that the hook grips of ourslatwall wire shelves are very strong and can easily hold heavy loads for many years. Strong hook grips are very important for the longevity of a wire metal slatwall.