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A wall system using gridwall panels is a visual merchandising product display which is very easy to install while accessorizing with gridwall fixtures at very affordable prices. It's also the display fixture of choice for trade or art shows easily moved, transported and stored. As a visual merchandising display set up on 3 or 4 way caster base can be moved anywhere in the store promoting sale or specialty items with this eye catching product display. Toll Free 1-866-400-1644

Gridwall Store Display Fixtures

Retailers are willing to invest money in those display fixtures, which offer them flexibility to use both wall and floor space judiciously. Moreover, with increasing store’s rental prices year-on-year basis, store owners look for innovative ways to showcase extra merchandise in a limited space. Gridwall display fixtures are competent to meet both the criteria by showcasing a variety of products in a space-efficient manner. Gridwall is a rugged yet versatile display solution that allows store owners to utilize both floor and wall space for highlighting different with its accessories. Quick changing ability and affordability make them extremely popular amongst retailers. So, if you are looking for high quality, stylish and different sizes of gridwall display fixtures and accessories for your small store or big department store, RDO Display can help you.

We are one of the leading California based companies dealing with high-quality and durable store display fixtures including gridwall. Our vast collection of gridwall shelves, panels, hooks and other accessories will give required exposure to every kind and size of merchandise and lure customers’ attention.


Benefits with Gridwall Display Fixtures

Right from department stores, clothing stores, gift store to auto shops, they are investing heavily in gridwall fixtures. It is because these fixtures offer a range of benefits. Some of the benefits of using gridwall as a store fixtures are:

  • It is easy to install and requires low maintenance.
  • It is flexible storage solution, which is easy to use as a free-standing fixture or mounted on a wall.
  • It is lightweight and durable.
  • It easily holds every size and kind of merchandise ranging from clothes, gifts to electronic items.
  • The entire layout of store is easy to change by using gridwall with different kinds of accessories like hooks, panels, shelves, etc.
  • It is available in attractive colors and sizes.
  • It gives retailers full customization options.
  • Lastly, it looks elegant, stylish and great.

Use Gridwall Store Display Fixtures with Different Accessories

Panels: Gridwall panel works magically by using wall space of a store for showcasing merchandise. Available in many sizes, these panels can be wall-mounted or easy to use with free-standing fixtures for offering maximum functionality. The free-standing gridwall fixtures are used in conjunction with hangers, hooks and rails to display a variety of merchandise in the organized manner. Grid panels are available in different design and colors, which a retailer can choose as per his store’s décor.

Shelves: Gridwall shelves make an important retail display fixture for showcasing lightweight merchandise like photo frames, toys for kids, caps, pocket diaries, etc. Retailers can choose different kinds of shelves from angled to triangle shelves as per their requirements. Angled shelves are the best to use to highlight not-so-popular items like books and magazines whereas triangle shelves positioned strategically in a store never go unnoticed by customers. At RDO Display, retailers will get gridwall display fixture in dynamic wire shelving materials like acrylic, tempered glass to melamine laminate shelving.

Hooks: Customize any set-up in your retail store by using hooks with gridwall. We have been offering both simple and stylish hooks for displaying different size of lightweight materials. These hooks are easy to remove and relocate to a new place for changing a store’s layout. And, the best part is no additional tools are required for fixing them at a new place. We deal with different sizes of gridwall display hooks including 4’’, 6’’, 8’’ and in both black and chrome finishing.


Advantages with RDO Display

  • We act as a turnkey solution provider by maintaining a vast collection of gridwall store display fixtures and its accessories.
  • We maintain display fixture in various sizes, colors and styles to meet unique needs of customers.
  • Our display fixtures are reliable, durable and are available at a competitive price range.
  • We make sincere attempts to fulfil customized needs of our customers.
  • We ensure fast doorstep delivery.

So, browse our collection as we keep updating it and place your order today!