In the retail industry, different kinds of retail display fixtures work in a different manner. For instance, shelving ideas provide a clear display to the product and multi-tiered display tables are ideal to showcase every kind and weight of the merchandise. But these display fixtures lack on one ground: They appeal to customers only when they enter inside a store. So, the need of the hour is placing an attractive fixture at the main entrance of a store so that every passer-by can view and get a sneak peek of the placed merchandise. In such situations, Showcase display cabinets steal the show.

A retail store owner may find different styles, shapes and sizes of display cabinets in a market and unable to decide which is the perfect model for its retail store. So, continue reading and you will easily decide which kind of showcase display cabinet is the right choice for you!

Museum Display Cabinets:  Made from tempered glasses, museum display cabinets have beautiful finishing and provide 360-degree view of the placed item. These cabinets offer an organized presentation of small antiques, jewelry, souvenirs or any other item which has high value. The cabinets have either top lighting or side lighting to accentuate beauty of the placed item. They even have adjustable shelves and a locking mechanism to keep the products safe and secure.


Jewelry Display Cases: As the name clearly indicates, jewelry display cases are cabinets used for highlighting high-end jewelry items. As soon as a person enters into a jewelry store, the attractive display of jewelry showcase display cabinets grabs his attention and he immediately starts looking at the placed content. A clear display with LED lights acts as a perfect catch for customers and they cannot restrain themselves from checking the collection.

Tower Display Cases: A common display cabinet in a residential and commercial setting, tower display cases enhance the look and feel of any store. It is because these cases are space-efficient due to vertical shape and have beautiful finishing on all sides. They are freestanding units and easy to place anywhere though most of the store prefer keeping in corners. Most of the tower display cases come with a standard top lighting, shelves and anti-tampered lock. The retailers are always free to customize the features as per their store’s requirements. Tower display cases are omnipresent in gift stores and usually placed at the entry point.

Horizontal Display Cases: Opposite to the vertical display shelves, horizontal display shelves have a mass appeal. These kinds of showcase display counters provide a clear view of all placed items and placed at the entrance of the store so that even passer-by can view the placed content and feel the urge to explore more. These cabinets come in a full-vision and half-vision. The half-vision horizontal display cases are common in a jewelry store whereas the bakery shops and sweet store prefer full-vision display cabinets.

Wall mounted and Countertop:  It is important to use every inch of retail space to increase the sale of your store. For this, take advantage of wall mounted and countertops. The wall-mounted showcase display counters utilize the perimeter of a wall for highlighting the merchandise by providing an eye-level viewing. The countertops cases are small cases placed on the main counters and usually contain small-sized merchandise. The wall mounted display cabinets are common in an apparel store whereas countertops are important features of a jewelry store for keeping rings and earrings. Some of the standard features of wall-mounted and counter tops are adjustable shelves, security locks, standard LED lightings, etc.

Trophy Showcase Display Cabinets: As soon as you enter into a school or sports academy, you will definitely notice specialty and trophy cabinet. These cabinets used for showcasing trophies, any memorabilia or collectible item holding special value. These cabinets have multiple shelves of different heights to place different kinds of trophies. Side lights, overhead lights, adjustable shelves and a locking mechanism are some standard features of these trophy cabinets. Most of these cabinets placed inside the Director’s room or at the entrance of Chairperson’s room so that no visitor can miss them.

So, it is easy to conclude that showcase display cabinets are useful for every business. Every display cabinet has specific purpose and has a special place in a unique store. So if you are looking for top-quality showcase display counters in attractive shapes and sizes, you can contact us today!