Best quality Customer cash wrap counters, also known as checkout counters or cash wells, are those locations in retail stores where a customer pay for the merchandise. Though it acts as the last point of interaction between customers and employees, it is a key area helps in increasing sales as well as customer satisfaction. And happy customers mean repeated purchase and increased sales of a business. Thus, it is important to choose the right kind of cash wells, highlight the right kind of merchandise on them and placing them strategically in a store.

Different Styles of Retail Cash Checkout Wrap Counters

The 3-most popular styles of cash wraps are U-shaped, L-shaped and single line. For a small retail store, single line counters are the best whereas supermarkets and large stores invest money in U-shaped counters. It is a wise idea to place your counters opposite to wall so that you can get the wall as additional area for storing or promoting the merchandise. It is pivotal to place these counters in such a position that employees get enough space for working and placing their belongings like purse, computers, cash registers and so on.

To make it a centre piece of a retail store, display your company’s logo or store name in such a style that customers can easily view it. Simultaneously, highlight the placed merchandise by using task or accent lightings. The overhead lighting adds beauty to the space and increases its functionality also. If possible, invest money in Cash wrap counters with multiple shelves or storage cabinets so that employees can safely store merchandise related items like wrapping papers, paper bags, stationery items, etc. The shelves even allow them to place these belongings in an unorganised manner.

Place Small-Sized Merchandise

Cash wells need to support the other activity of a business i.e. increasing sales per customer. This can take place by placing high-margin merchandise attractively over them.

  1. Impulse Purchasing: Small items that do not demand thoughtful purchase need to place on customer cash wrap counters so that customers immediately notice and buy them. These items are usually low-priced and customers forget to add them in their shopping list. The items may vary from one store to store. For instance, candies are good options for a food store whereas eyeglass cases for an eyeglass store are the perfect choice.
  2. Warranties and Insurance: Insurance and warranties are high-margin products and add as perfect add-ons for office supply stores, electronic stores, etc.
  3. Up-selling: Increase a store’s sales by following the concept of up-selling. For instance, if you are running an apparel store, place scarfs, hankies set, socks set on cash wells. Batteries are the perfect display on the counters for an electronic store. Customers have no intention to buy these products but end up buying after viewing them.
  4. Reward Programs: Allow customers to shop hassle-free in a store and influence their decision by placing customer loyalty reward programs at a checkout counter. The checkout counter is the best place to pitch these reward programs as customers have the time to listen and attractive discounts lure their attention also.

The retail industry believes that cash wrap merchandising should include the following points:

  • Needs to place at an eye level of the customers
  • Attractive packing to catch customers’ attention instantly
  • Small merchandise of low price
  • High-margin products

Position of Retail Cash Checkout Wrap Counters

Many studies reveal the fact that the customers head towards the right direction in a store as soon as they enter into it. So by this rule, these counters need to place on the left side so that customers make a purchase of the intended items and then indulge in impulse purchasing after reaching at the exit point of the store. Depending upon availability of space in a store and the store’s layout, a store owner can choose other area to place them. Prefer placing these counters centrally if your store is in a square shape. If you are running a large supermarket, there is no harm in setting multiple cash wrap counters for convenience of customers.

A thing to remember is place these counters in such a manner that customers get enough room to move in a store comfortably and do not feel the counters as a stumbling block in the shopping experience.

Bottom Line:

A well-designed and well-placed customer cash wrap counters make a huge difference in making or breaking the sales of a store. Encourage your shoppers to make a last-minute purchase by placing small yet high margin products packed beautifully on these counters.