If you are looking for eye-pleasing ways to showcase your products in a retail store, you might think about wooden racks or shelves in the first go. But the fact is wooden shelves score more on durability factor instead of attractiveness. Glass shelving is the clear cut winner in this category. Before moving on to the benefits, let’s understand why tempered glass shelves are popular choice.

Annealed and Tempered glass shelving are the two kinds of glass shelves available in the market. Regular glass breaks into dagger like pieces when fall on the ground and can hurt anybody. On the contrary, tempered glass breaks into small and round pieces. Moreover, the tempered glass is four times more durable than regular or annealed glass. Thus, when it comes to commercial application, tempered glass shelving tops the chart due to increased safety and strength traits.

Benefits with Glass Shelves

Glass shelves act as a perfect storage solution, add style to any store décor and easy to customize as per store’s requirements.  Some other prominent benefits of using tempered glass shelving for showcasing your products are:

  1. Attractiveness: A simple looking product exhibits a standout look when placed on glass shelves. The shelves are white in color and transparent, which make them go well with any kind of store décor.
  2. Versatility: One of the most versatile shelving options in the retail industry is glass shelves. Available in tons of sizes, edges and display options, a store can easily create a unique display by placing them on walls or using as a free-standing fixture. Another area that showcases the versatility of glass shelves is flexibility to hold different kinds of items. Whether you are planning to keep fine pieces of art or electronic gadget, tempered glass shelving features all.
  3. Storage without Capturing Floor Space: Retailers always struggle with floor space. Thus, they always look for space-efficient retail fixtures. Here comes the main advantage of tempered glass shelves. The wall-mounted glass shelves make a perfect display for small sized merchandise like eye glasses, cutlery sets, antiques, etc. and look stylish also. This gives them additional benefit of creating a simple looking wall into a sales piece exhibiting a unique style and appeal.
  4. Uniqueness: Make your visual merchandising stands apart from your competitors by using glass shelves in an unusual manner. Use glass cubes and shelving displays to showcase your product in a captivating manner. Simultaneously, try to place them in strategic positions in a retail store that are hard to ignore. A glass shelf placed in a focal area of the store is one trick that never fails to catch customers’ attention.
  5. Easy to Clean: It is an undeniable fact that tempered glass shelving requires frequent cleaning. But the best thing is it is easy to clean simply by wiping with a soft cloth and good glass cleaner. A clean shelf imparts a magnificent look for the years.
  6. Light Effects:  Merchandise placed on tempered glass shelving with beautiful accent lighting on the top makes a beautiful decorative piece and adds style both to a retail store and house. The glass allows lights to pass through these shelves, thereby making the area bright and visually appealing. Even when light pass through merchandise placed on the shelves, customers get the better and complete view of the merchandise even from further distances.
  7. Customizable: If you have limited space in your retail store to display products and you are unable to find the perfect display fixture, place a customized order for glass shelves. Many online stores offer custom glass shelves in various sizes and thickness. Meeting a store’s requirements with a personalized touch is one of the main benefits of using customized tempered glass shelves.

The applications of glass shelves are not limited to the retail industry. These shelves are slowly making their space in residential establishments also. Because they blend with any kind of environment and décor, they are often referred as floating shelves. Bathrooms, living room, bed rooms and kitchen are some important areas of homes where glass shelves can work wonder and uplift their overall look and feel. However, it is strictly advice families with pets and small children should avoid using glass shelving due to its fragility.

So, whether you are looking for retail store display fixture or a display fixture for residential application, tempered glass shelves can be your resort always.